Simulator Clown Horrors In House 3D

Simulator Clown Horrors In House 3D

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Simulator Clown Horrors In House 3D

Simulator Clown Horrors In House 3D

" Simulation "
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Simulator Clown Horrors In House 3D
Simulation Clown Horror In House 3D
We are all used to the role of the victim, if it comes to the otherworldly forces.
It's time to destroy the usual scope of entertainment.
Be in the role of an evil, bloodthirsty clown from another dimension, eating human fears.
Scare the people trapped in the house with the horror they emit.
The more you manage to scare the inhabitants of the house, the more experience points you will earn.
Open access to new characters with unique capabilities.
Bring fear in the lives of people, with each cry becoming more powerful!
View from the first person will fully experience yourself as a real monster, sowing a nightmare and panic.
Muted lighting, a detailed location of the house and a wonderful audio accompaniment will take you to a nightmare chilling nightmare.
Superb 3D graphics will give you a lot of emotions that are not forgotten.
This game will be an excellent occasion to get distracted from everyday affairs.
Have fun on a long journey or a long line.
Time to tickle your nerves!
Leave the assessment and comments.
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