Lion Fighting: Animal Fury Fighting Game

Lion Fighting: Animal Fury Fighting Game

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Feel like the strongest large cat in Africa, fight for your life and land and enjoy the thrilling atmosphere of animal fights with Lion Fighting: Animal Fury Fighting Game!
Prove your right to be the leader of all African predators, use your mighty furry paws with sharp claws to win in each battle and know no mercy to your enemies!
Struggle against your brothers – mighty lions from all continent! Raise up your skills fighting against zebra, buffalo or your own wife – lioness! Prove, that no one can resist strong punches and rakes of the mightiest large cat in the world! Use your claws and fangs to make the deadly attack and defeat your opponents!
Unleash your inner anger and rage! Feel like a real beast, choose your opponent – one of your lion brothers, the female of your kind or herbivore like buffalo or zebra - and be ready to use all your martial abilities to crush their spirit with your power! Strike first, avoid deadly blows and watch your health indicator carefully – it’s not great if you are dead at a really inappropriate moment!
Every success on the battlefield will bring you some points, so be wise and make a good arrangement between your skills! Power your health, regeneration, endurance, damage, defense and critical strike levels up and become really almighty! Unlock new colorful fight locations and skins for your lion – Atlas lion, West African lion, Persian lion, Masai lion, Transvaal lion, Cape lion, Naegele’s giant jaguar, spotted lion marozi, albino one, black lion, or even a Eurasian cave lion!
Do your best to conquer the title of King of Beasts with Lion Fighting: Animal Fury Fighting Game!
Lion Fighting: Animal Fury Fighting Game features:
• Become a strong, bold and honorable beast – African lion - in this fighting game
• Choose your rival to have a bloody battle
• Try different power ups and great variety of locations
• Enjoy realistic 3D graphics
Become a real part of this ultimate fight with Lion Fighting: Animal Fury Fighting Game!
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