Free Hit Cricket - A Real Cricket Game 2018

Free Hit Cricket - A Real Cricket Game 2018

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Free Hit Cricket - A Real Cricket Game 2018

Free Hit Cricket - A Real Cricket Game 2018

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Giritech Presents Free Hit Cricket - A Real Cricket game 2018 is a new cricket game which comes up with unique batsman touch drag physics which guarantees the cricket game fans an epic experience while playing.
Free Hit Cricket (Real Cricket Game 2018) game is based on quick play format.
Users will play short sessions like 3-Over and long Sessions like 20-Over against major cricket playing nations.
Best and most addictive cricket game so far on android cricket game platform.
“More Than 200k download got from last updates”
 Highlights:
• In Free Hit Cricket (Real Cricket game 2018) Cricket game fans can play quick.
• Cricket game fans will enjoy session between 3 over - 20 over without paying a single penny in any formats.
• We introduce “Tap When Ready” on the full screen.
• In Free Hit Cricket (A Real Cricket Game 2018) Quick Play, Cricket Tournament, Earn&
Play modes are available right now.
 Exclusive Features:
• Earn & Play mode helps the user to gain coins from cricket game match and spend in store to buy various power-ups for an in-game advantage.
• Ultra slow motion 6’s with multiple camera angles.
• Users can enjoy intense battle cricket game between Top 8 International Countries.
• Epic view of 3 authentic stadiums (Eden Garden, Brabourne, and VCA).
• Users can unlock different achievement modes during the game.
• We use 2 different camera views (Batsman’s end and Bowler’s end) for better gameplay experience.
• We use 2 different batting modes (Tap and Swipe mode) for better gameplay
• In quick play session, players have the choice to choose bowling mode, Batting mode or Both Batting and Bowling mode.
• Enjoy modest controls for batting and bowling.
• Bowlers can bowl over and round wicket.
• Drag the batsman in directions to bring in action for the perfect shot.
• Chase scores in quick play Cricket game 2018.
• The cool touch interface for both bowler and batsman.
• Set balling angle, speed, and fielding according to your game plan.
Download the Free Hit Cricket-A Real Cricket Game 2018 now for free!!
 Language: English
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What's New

- Game Play Graphics Enhanced.
- Cool Camera Angle.
- Camera Zoom In and Zoom Out, during Bowler Run-up.


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