Bead 32 (Botrish Guti)

Bead 32 (Botrish Guti)

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Bead 32 (Botrish Guti)

Bead 32 (Botrish Guti)

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Botrish Guti is a famous and most popular game in South-East Asian region especially in Bangladesh and in some states of India. It is a checker type game like Chess. Two player are required to play the game. This game is widely played by rural people when the pass their leisure time.
Game Rules
This game is played between 2 person. Each having 32 Bead (Pawns) in hand.
At the beginning each player have to put a bead on the board based on valid position. Having bead in hand one player can beat opponent if there is a chance to beat him.
If there are no bead in hand, then these bead can be moved one step forward based on the valid positions of the cort.
If a player can cross a pawn of the other side then the player will achieve 1 point. In this way whoever manages to achieve 32 points will be the winner.
If you have not played Sholo Guti game previously, then please play Sholo Guti first. Sholo Guti Game will be available from
Please visit for more information.
Bangladeshi game, Indian game, Village game, Rural game.



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